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  • Cassie Walker

Stressed? Grab some yarn, felt, or any fabulous fiber and let it go!

Stress is all around us and can be very impactful to people's health and wellbeing. There are

many different ways to address stress such as yoga and exercise, reading, digital detox, vacation, a spa day and more. Another way to let go is knitting and crocheting. Anyone who has picked up the needles knows that there is a rhythm to knitting and crocheting. The movement of our hands and the sliding of the fiber through them is methodical and through activities such as this we can see an increase in stress reduction and a boost to our moods.

In the world of psychology, we know that repetitive movements can help to calm the mind down during bouts of anxiety or high stress situations. When we knit or crochet we are creating a quiet, focused moment where we can let go of the wild surroundings and be in the present moment. Yes there are times when we lose count or we make a mistake in the pattern that can make us scream, but overall, calm is achieved. That being said, making a mistake can also be a way of reducing stress. Yes!! I said it. Learning to acknowledge a mistake and going back to correct it is a great tool in letting go of perfection!!! So rip it out if you need to. Start over, or "fix" it and move on.

So why is knitting and crocheting and fiber arts the new yoga or meditation? There is a selfless component to creating something. When we create a hat, sweater, shawl, etc., we are creating something we can touch. Most of us who knit or crochet rarely make something for ourselves. The act of creating then giving that creation away is impactful in so many ways. It brings joy to the giver and the receiver!! Our confidence and gratitude is boosted when we see the fruit of our labor and see that it creates happiness for others. This then creates a beautiful cycle (or addiction but we like to keep it positive😁) of confidence in our skills and gifting our creations.

If you have not tried knitting, crocheting, or any of the other fiber arts I suggest that you come out to the shop and see what we have for you. We have classes for knitting, crocheting, felting, and more. We always have people in the shop that are knowledgeable and can guide you in the right direction. It is such a fun skill to learn and you will be much less stressed in the long run!!

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