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Thistle Be Perfect Too is the sister shop of Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique.  We opened up the boutique in 2019 as a place for local artisans to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and grow their business and create an artisan community.  We have been bringing unique handcrafted items to our customers ever sense.  We house over 40 local artisans and they have provided the community with unique gifts that are one of a kind.  There is something special about shopping local and shopping handmade and our customers have loved what we have been able to provide.  

Many of our customers have asked for artisan supplies because they have been inspired by our artisans and want to dabble in the world of creativity and handcrafting.  So from those requests, Thistle Be Perfect Too was born.  We want to bring a multitude of items like yarn, wool, patterns, embroidery floss, wool felting, and more to you.  I am Scottish so wool is a staple and a love of mine.  We love to craft and create and now we can share that with you.  Our family has loved bringing the beauty of handcrafted arts to you and now we have the joy of giving you the tools to try it yourself.  You will see the kiddos helping out and Raph in and out of both shops organizing and working hard on displays and I am usually knitting or stitching away.  We hope that you find the warmth of the Highlands here and you find the magic of creativity that crafting brings.  


Cassie and Raph

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A Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Supply Shoppe

So where did the name come from?  My family is Scottish and our history is proud and strong.  We come from a long line of crafters and entrepreneurs.  So, the thistle is one symbol of Scotland as is the sheep; Stubborn, headstrong, and loyal.  Something we always say when shopping with family or friends and find that special thing…  “this will be perfect!!!”  So the play on words came to me and thats how the name and logo came to be.  When we opened the sister shop the sheep was just a given.  Wooly, knitting, wearing the tam and rocking the thistle from our original shop logo he represents all that we have to offer!!

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