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  • Cassie Walker

Knitting and Crocheting are not just for the winter!

When I think of knitting or crocheting, I think of cozying up on my comfy couch while the fireplace is crackling with a glass of wine, crisp air, and leaves falling or big snowflakes falling. And don’t forget the cat!!

But my passion for knitting and fiber crafting does not stop there. I love to knit, stitch, rug hook and more all year round. I am not sure what it is about these crafts that make us think of the cooler months but they do. So I want to challenge you with Spring coming to keep your needles and hooks going. There are beautiful fibers such as cottons, flax, silks, fine merino, yak and so on that will create a beautiful piece that will keep you going through summer. A fun tank top knit with silk. A wrap for those fun waterside evenings made from yak. A cardigan that’s light and open for those cool air conditioned places made from cotton. You never know and the possibilities are endless.

Lets look at some inspiration for you to choose from…

This beautiful top is light and airy for summer days.It would be fun over a tank top or a maxi dress.This is knit with Rustic Silk by Ella Rae.We have a number of colors and the pattern at the shop for you.

This fun yarn just made it to the shop for spring. You can create a tank or a crocheted wrap with it. The mix of fibers create a light feel. Or you can use our Juniper Moon Cumulus 100% Israeli cotton.

What about a cool breeze off the water as you are having dinner?The wrap that is made with fine merino wool keeps you warm but not so warm you cannot enjoy a summer night.

The Gertrude Wrap is perfect for this too. Our color selection is wild for this pattern golds, teals, and violets.

Or a great cardigan for a cool office…

And finally one of my favorites…

A shoulder cowl!!! This is amazing for the summer and when it is knit up with cotton it is so light and breathable you will love it.

There are so many great options and you can always find something at the shop. We have patterns and of course the squishy amazing yarn to create something fabulous. Join us for one of our classes and make your skills even better!!!

Slainte Mhath


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