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  • Cassie Walker

Jumpstart Your Holiday Crafting!!

The value of a handcrafted gift is priceless. As crafters we love to create for the people we love. There is that meme that says if they knit you something they like you, if it's with black yarn they love you. It is true. My mother went blind (not really but you know what I mean) cross stitching the poem My Heart's in the Highlands by Robert Burns. I focus a lot on the benefits of crafting on mental health and wellbeing. Crafting can reduce stress and act as a tool for practicing mindfulness. It is good for the body and mind, and the act of giving is good for the soul.

With that being said, many people stress at the idea of doing a Christmas Stocking in August. Well I am here to tell you stop stressing. While you are relaxing by the lake or enjoying your air conditioning while it is 120% humidity out knock your knitting out or stitch you fingers off because like anything else, if you wait till the last minute you risk cutting corners, not having the right supplies, not to mention all the cookie swaps, and holiday parties that you have to cook and plan for. And if you are like me running the kids from sports to school and so on you are running out of hours in the day. Now mind you, I enjoy knitting in the hockey rink because it keeps me warm and it keeps me calm as a goalie mom.

So work on those projects now. You may look like the crazy person who likes Christmas year round but who cares!! You are going to have all your goodies made so you can take that cup of egg nog with whiskey in it and enjoy every second of the holiday seasons!!!!

We will be getting in new kits at the shop for Christmas stockings. We have several cross stitch, punch needle, and wool appliqué patterns now for all the holidays. And as always we have yarn galore, hand dyed embroidery floss and many other supplies that will assist with all of your project needs!! Keep watching on Facebook for announcements!

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